Cycle parking solutions

Cycle parking solutions

Stockholmers love to combine their train journey with the ease of cycling to and from the station. Every day more than 1000 people park their bicycle at the Stockholm Central Station, a station described as the most accessible place in Sweden.

A two-step approach

Scandinavian rail lines meet at Stockholm Central; the station also links all regional commuter trains in the Greater Stockholm area as well as seven metro lines. More and more people go by train and more people cycle to the station, on new and expensive bicycles. To meet increased demand for cycle parking and improved quality of parking the station owner Jernhusen commissioned TUB to come up with a solution. Finding a solution was considered a difficult task due to constraints on land availability. A two-step approach was considered the most suitable.

Firstly TUB assessed current parking facilities applying the PQcycle assessment framework (Parking Quality Cycle Audit). This identified a need for an increase in the number of cycle parking facilities with moderate to high security in terms of theft. Secondly the whole station area and nearby streets were scanned for suitable places for new parking facilities. Three separate types of demands were considered, short stay parking, over-day and overnight parking.

The result was that suitable locations for over 200 new cycle parking facilities were identified. Places were most new cycle stands and other parking solutions potentially could be implemented within a 3-6 month period. A considerable amount of these new facilities were also put in place within 6 months after the study was completed.