TUB offers consultancy services in transport planning and urban development.

Sustainable urban development.

Sustainable urban development.

How does one create a cycling and walking-friendly new urban development? Lund in southern Sweden, a vibrant and growing enterprise and research city, is on the way to do this.

Walking-friendly cities

Significant investments are made in Lund. The new ESS, European Spallation Source, the world's most powerful neutron source, used for research in strategic areas such as nanotechnology is under development. Lund needs to get their solutions right and deal with the strain on urban transport networks from additional 40, 000 new work places and inhabitants.

Livable streets

Lund consulted TUB for advice and in-house high level consultations. The final result is a report illustrating a number of key measures for how to integrate demands for new premium attractiveness buildings with cycling and walking-friendly urban designs in the particular development area.